About Us

In 2006 few Maheshwari families came together informally and what started as neighbourhood gathering over Dal Batti programs initiated by KC (First & former President of UK) at 66 Winchester Road, took bigger shape in the coming years. When this informal group of Maheshwaris gained critical size, it started celebrating festivals like Mahesh Navmi, Diwali, Holi and Teej together. With overwhelming response and new Maheshwari families joining the bandwagon it was time to formally register the organisation in 2009 and Maheshwari Mahasabha UK (MMUK) was born.

Today MMUK not only has new migrants, but has equally active participation from old Maheshwari families settled in UK. Currently around 200 Maheshwari families are registered with MMUK. MMUK has ushered as a great platform for Maheshwaris to socially network within community, preserve cultural heritage and stay connected to the roots while away from India. Through its events, MMUK also gives platform to youngsters to perform and showcase their talent in different activities in front of community. MMUK also organises sport day once in a year which gives chance to families to participate and have fun.

MMUK aspire to be premier organisation of Maheshwaris in UK and bring as many Maheshwari families in UK under the organisation as possible. MMUK also want to be of helping hand to any new Maheshwari migrant and making them feel homely.